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Stern-faced soldiers wielding M-16 rifles stood guard as excavators mowed down rows of chrysanthemums, leaving behind broken stalks and fallen petals. At a distance, farmers stood by helplessly as they watched years of their hard work destroyed under government orders.


The Cameron Highlands has in recent years been under development pressure. While this has created a secure and comfortable lifestyle for many farmers, it has also resulted in large swathes of forests being cleared to make way for farm expansion. As a result, flooding has become an annual affair, claiming property and lives while contaminating rivers with human waste, plastics and dangerous levels of pesticides. 


The Disappearing Hills documents the human stories behind these environmental issues.



A Film, Interactive Website and Photo Exhibition by Yeo Kai Wen


Running Time: 30 Mins

Language: English. Mandarin, Behasa Melayu, and Bengali




26 photographs and frames exhibited at The Camera Museum, George Town, from 31 May - 30 June 2015.

The Disappearing Hills has been sent to film festivals and is being judged this year for a series of awards.
To watch the full documentary, kindly email to obtain a password.

* The above film is best viewed at full screen on a laptop/desktop. Thank you.

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