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For most mothers, caring for their seven-year-old daughter is a matter of monitoring her homework, getting her to tuition classes on time, and making sure she eats right.


Not for Wendy. 


Her biggest concern on any given day would be if seven-year-old Amelia has had a good night’s sleep, free of seizures. Her greatest worry would be if Amelia’s lips turned blue in her sleep – a telltale sign that she is not breathing on her own. And her proudest moments would be seeing Amelia succeed in taking a few spoonfuls of food orally – without drooling.


Running Time: 1:40 minutes


Client: National Day Parade 2013

Producer: Captured Photography

DOP/Editor: Yeo Kai Wen

Audio: Steffi Koh

© Yeo Kai Wen 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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