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Shrinking sea ice, retreating glaciers, a tree line migrating farther north, and less snow that also melts earlier— what do these climate-related changes mean for the Arctic, and for all of us?


With the objective of producing a Corporate Social Responsibility documentary on Climate Change for HSBC, Kai Wen travelled halfway across the world to Manitoba, Canada, to document what researchers do at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre. It is ultimately the Arctic that captures the spirit of the times — the lead player in the drama of climate change, with polar bears as its poster boys.



Client: Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank


Running Time: 7 Mins

Language: English



Director: Yeo Kai Wen

Director of Photography: Yeo Kai Wen

Editor: Yeo Kai Wen


© Yeo Kai Wen 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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