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Mr Lee Xin Li, 25, is a fourth-year NUS architecture student. He is more popularly known for his illustrations of old, or forgotten places around Singapore — Images of Singapore — and his Kueh series, a pictorial compilation of iconic traditional snacks in Southeast Asia. His first Singapore-related work was of the Seletar Camp area, where he was inspired by the signs of a place in transition. Inspired by the art style of Hergé’s Tintin comics, Mr Lee’s landscapes of old places in their heyday speak of his nostalgic sentiments towards their rapid disappearance. Mr Lee’s artworks can be found on his blog, Pok Pok and Away.



Running Time: 3:25 minutes


DOP/Editor: Yeo Kai Wen / Steffi Koh



© Yeo Kai Wen 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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