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Coping as a single parent may sound like a daunting task for most Singaporeans, given rising costs of living and public misconception.

But is that really the case?


As part of my final year project, I am working on a photojournalism project that hopes to put a human face to single-parent families, which are often stigmatised in Singapore, or not talked about openly. By emphasising the human and emotional aspect of this topic through pictures and text, I hope that single-parenting would be discussed more freely, bringing about awareness on such families and the changes they have to face as part of their lives.


I hope to reflect the gamut of emotions coming from all walks of life, keeping in line with a sensitive, photojournalistic approach through my pictures. The stories will provide brief glimpses into the lives of single-parent families. This project is not just for children and teenagers who live in single-parent families. It is also for anyone who had to deal with the concept of divorce, or struggled with the loss of a loved one.


The project hopes to focus on three types of single-parent families: The unwed, the divorced, and the widowed.



Please share your stories about your own experience with single-parent families. 

Your story can be in the form of photos, video, short stories, or poems.


It will be shared on an upcoming website, and selected stories published in a book. I will be keeping in contact with you directly.

You can email me at, or use the form below. 




Thank you for sharing your story.

© Yeo Kai Wen 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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